Monday, December 14, 2009

Our Most Precious Gift (Our Children) Conclusion

Food For Thought:

My friends, as thee lemented late , Mother would say, "Now Jim, I mean it, you have to make a "List"! So my Friends, I Find myself once again Honoring my Mother, and yes too, "Obeying" Her! Thus, I now present you with "The List"!

So my friends, this list, is not exhaustive. For I'm certain you too, can easily add to it. However some of the major messages with which our children are bombarded with on any given day by the forces of what God hath referred to as "Evil." It is also worth noting that these message that they will be receiving are typically presented in a very, very subtle, attractive, and entertaining ways. And I would like to encourage you, while viewing the following, to examine yourself, and your lives, and your environment, then as my Mother would say "Make Your List"!

: Organic evolution is proven fact, and any reasonable, well educated, intelligent person knows it!

: The earth is billions of years old, and dinosaurs existed millions of years before humans appeared.

: The earth is our "mother," and the other creatures in habiting it are our "relatives."

: Human beings are the worst enemies this earth has, and we must be extremely careful to avoid destroying "her."

: Animals and plants (Yea, the whole of the environment) are to be accorded the same status and protection as are human beings.

: Unborn human beings, however, are not really human beings, and deserve no protection at all.

: Human beings, via science alone, can solve any problem and create a "Perfect" world.

: Nothing is intrinsically good or bad, right or wrong. These matters are determinded by individuals, on the basis of "Situational Ethics" or even "Pragmatism". (Catholics) and others..

: Human beings who possess certain desirable traits (ie.. physical beauty or athletic or intellectual prowess) are more valuable than are those who do not!

: All viewpoints (ie.. concerning God, religion, or our purpose for living) are equally true and valid (unless of course they are dictated by strick faith in the teachings of the Bible).

: Everyone cheats, everyone lies, everyone steals, everyone uses profanity (including euphemisms), everyone dresses immodestly, everyone drinks, ad infinitum.

: If your current marriage partner is not makeing you happy, (No Problem); you can always get a divorce and find another.

: Homosexuality, Cross-dressers, Trans-genders, Transvestites, is moral and normal, and a healthy "Lifestyle," which characterizes a large percentage of our population (most of whom are our "model citizens")

: Homosexuality (much like alcoholism) is genetically pre-determined. Its practitioners have no choice about "the way they are".

: Adolescents "Will" have sex. They cannot help it, and it is foolish to try to stop them. Therefore, it is imperative that we teach them how to "protect" themselves, just give them a condom, and then let them go and have a ball!

: You have to "experience things for yourself (ie. sex alcohol, drugs and, and and) to know if they are really bad.

: The public school system is far better qualified to provide sex education than are parents.

: Any reference to God in the public life of this nation is a violation of its constitution.

: It is improper (at best) to criticize, label or make judgements about anyone or anything. Unless of course you are a lawyer, politican, or thee newly created/developed "State Run Media".that now exists in the United States. "A First in there Nations History"!

: Strict faith and obedience to God, and His Word is a mark of ignorance, superstition, and or insecurity.

: Whatever suffering you may be experiencing is the fault of someone else, and can probably be remedied with a good lawyer and a lawsuit.

: God's pattern for the home (including a submissive role for the wife) constitues an abuse of the rights of women and is tantamount to slavery.

: Spanking is, without exception, a form of child abuse.

: Conservative viewpoints (whether religious or political) are obviously founded upon hard-headedness, narrow-mindedness, cold-heartedness, bigotry, radical xenophobia, and so-forth.

My Friends, our children are not only exposed to these ideas-and others like them-on a daily basis, but in many cases(because of the insidious and subtle nature of the presentation, and mode of communication), they are not even conscious of what they are seeing and hearing.

Many parents may do a poor job of combating these messages simply because they do not realize just how powerful the voices of the world have become. Twenty or even Thirty years ago (when many of the parents of today were growing up) such assults were far less common and far easier to recognize. Times have definitely changed, my friends. However to be honest with all of you, I do Thank God Always, for "Spell Check"!

My friends, one of the most significant factors behind these changes has been the consistent promotion of the "theory of evolution" and the newly debunked "Global Warming" Farce, at all levels within our educational system. These falsehoods, and those philosophy, because it has been accepted as fact, has given rise to a number of other secular ideas. Humanism, moral relativism (particularly with regard to sexuality), materialism, socialism, pluralism, pantheism, and "new age" thinking appear to dominate our world views today. They certainly dominate the message it preaches.

My friends, It's now my prayer for all of you, As I "Pen" this "Food For Thought"; that you will Always Remember!

Times change, season change, styles change, people change, relationships change, thoughts change, attitudes change, fashions changed , hair styles change, shoes change. But God's Word and His Ways for Man, ( Just One of His Many Creations.) "Never Change"!

Yes my friends, our work is definitely cut out for us, requiring nothing less than constant vigilance and a strong, consistent, counter-active influence. Our children need to be taught, from a very early age, as I'm sure you will agree, to recognize the messages of the world and to evaluate them critically in light of God's perfect revealed Will. (His Word)!

My friends, I would like to close out this "Food For Thought" with some "Food For Thought" type of questions for you to ponder.

Do our children know where we stand on these matters and Why? Do we talk (with our children) about them, or do we find ourselves "Talking At" them? Are we finding ourselves discussing these issues with them when we sit in our houses, when we walk by the way, when we lie down, and when we rise up? Do we write them upon the posts of our houses, and on our gates?

So my Friends, perhaps a prerequisite to these questions should be: "Do we know where "We" stand on these vital matters and Why? Have we given them the level of care, thought, and study that they clearly deserve? Are we ready always to give an answer to every man (or child) who asks us a reason for our hope (1 Peter 3:15)? Does our hope and faith and thoughts and actions truly rest on the promises of God, and His Word, and His Ways for Us, rather than on the promises of the world, and those men, in it?

In closing this "Food For Thought" my friends, I would like to share something personal with you, for its a question I was taught years ago during my training years by a wise faithful gospel preacher the lemented John Brewer, who once said to me. "Jim, if ever in doubt about anything or something in life, you may want to remember this question" "Is it From God, or Is It From Man?"


  1. A Comment made to this Food For Thought by a young lady.

    You truly made my day! Jim. God speaks to us through the wisdom of others. I feel blessed to become your fan too!It is rare for someone such as yourself to so utterly be in love with Christ in this day and age, to want to follow Him in Spirit and in truth. To eat, sleep and live Him is my highest and best thing I can do, to be here on Earth for Him and not for myself. God bless!

  2. A Comment From a Christian Father of two:

    Good work, Jim, lets remember always why we do what we do, for our childrens future and for the glory of God ! Keep Feeding us!

  3. Message Rec'd from a Single Mother of one.

    you're very welcome Matt.

    I see you're a Christian also. It's always good to know someone like you in here.

    Your articles is very essential to the world.

    You never know who will be bless with your articles about God and Bible. I hope to see more of your religious articles. Very well done.

  4. A Message Recieved by a single mother of two:

    Hi Matt6v33, and welcome to this site. I'm very much looking forwarding to learning from your articles. For you have already touched by heart!

  5. Message from eldery man:

    Welcome to this site, Jim You already have some interesting work here. Look forward to learning from you. Happy to sign on as a fan & hope you will check out my pages when you get a chance. Blessings to you and keep going.

  6. Message rec'd by an elderly women.

    Glad to be your fan Jim- I have enjoyed reading your "Food For Thoughts" - keep up the great work!