Monday, December 14, 2009

Our Most Precious Gift (Our Children)

What Are Our Precious Gifts (Our Children) Being Taught?

My Friends, I've have been blessed by God with two lovely God Fearing Children, and they too, now have been blessed as well with one of there own.

For it concerns me deeply and I'm sure you, as well, of what they are now exposed to, and what they are being taught.

My Friends, I'm sure we can agree that the influcences of this world are powerful, deceptive, and constant, particularly on young, trusting, impressionable minds.

In this "Food For Thought" I've decided to to place my emphasis on our Most Precious Gift; "The Children"! For what are they being taught, exposed too, and learning from the world? And too, what are we doing in response to all that we must now face? For the Children.

My Friends, the Word of God is replete with warnings, both implicit and explicit, about the wisdom, the values, the allure, and the fate of this world; (eg., Mark 4:19; John 15:18-19; Rom: 12:2; 1 Cor: 1:20ff; 2:6:; Col. 2:8; James 4:4; 1 John 2:15-17.

The principle set forth to the Israelites in the book of Deuteronomy Chapter 6, seems particularly relevant to this topic. Concerning the words and commands of God, we should follow the inspired orders Moses gave to Israel and ..."teach them diligently unto (our) children, and talk of them when thou walkest by the way, and when thou liest down, and when thou risest up. And thou shalt bind them for a sign upon thy hand, and they shall be as frontlets between thine eyes. And thou shalt write them upon the door-posts of thy house, and upon thy gates(v7-9).

My friends, in other words, we must now as then, godly parents must constantly be engaged in an effort to imbed the precepts of our Creator within the minds of our children. Note this passage goes on to warn that many distractions of this world are going to be encountered, and that the temptation to forget God will be great. This fact highlights the need to make the most of every opportunity to teach and to influence our children, to train them in the way that they think. Ours are not the only voices they are hearing, and as they get older, the time we have to interact directly with them decreases.

Though the idea may sound quaint to some of our fast-paced society, the dinner table and bed time, is still probably the single best opportunity for parents to engage their children in regular conversation about the events of the day. Familes that no longer have meals together on any type of regular basis probably need to re-evaluate some priorities. Obviously, there are countless activities which can occupy our lives and the lives of our children, any many of these pursuits are, intrinsically speaking, harmless or even beneficial(,sports,violin practice, cheerleading, school clubs, and church services/function) These activities, however, have the potential to consume far too much of our time and to prevent families from behaving like families (i.e. spending "Quality" time together, and maintaining close relationships, influencing one another, listening to one another, up-lifting one another, encouraging them, talking "To Them", and Not "At Them"!

So my freinds, I'm sure we too can agree that its vital, that we know whats going on, in all aspects of our childrens daily lives. Is it Not? Yes, I realized as you do, that this assertion, of course, assumes that we are "Interested" in what is going on in their lives. It assumes that our childeren "Know" that we are interested, and that they feel comfortable talking with us about such things in some detail. For these assumptions, in turn, are predicated upon the notion that we have a good healthy relationship with our children. It would be "Naive", to say the least, to think that parents could have a "distant, disinterested" relationship with their children for a period of years and then suddenly become intimately involved at the onset of adolescence, or young adulthood. Such behavior would in all likelihood be met with a great deal of suspicion and resentment on the part of the children, and who can blame them. All One can do, is share with them, have those "Heart to Heart" types of talks, be humble, honest, loving, understanding, patience, and then if all that fails. Hugs!

In My Conclusion I will share some "Food For Thought" "The List", One might want to be looking out for, when it comes to our most "Precious Gift" Our Children!

Stay Tuned My Friends.



  1. A comment rec'd by a young lady:

    Jim, I'm your fan! I Love your writings! Your joy and love for life shines forth, keep blessing us out here!

  2. Very thought provoking Hub. There is too much bad influence out there. Sometimes, when I hear a Pastor's Teenager got pregnant, I always look deeper and think - surely the friends this person mixed with, has had an influence.

    I haven't got kids yet but when I do, I might end up going to school with them and sitting with them in class. lol

    As xtians, all we can do is pray and I mean proper praying. There is a woman who's child was wayward and she used to pray over his pillow everyday. Obviously, he laid his head down on that pillow everyday. He soon turned round. The power of prayer. It's a well known story...

    Ah well, must stop Children are indeed precious gifts. Thanks for the reminder. :)

  3. Msg Rec'd from GhostWhisper:
    Sadly, this one that I chose to read was a tough one for me.

    I will just say that I feel that I did all the right things and the "world" got a hold of them anyways-well one of them I should say. :*(

    Discipline,love, hugs, engaging, talking, laughing, God, Jesus and still....the world got ahold of him anyways. Okay, I can't think about this at this moment. I just keep praying that God will shine on him and he sees that the world is not going to offer him what God and Mommy have. unconditional love.

  4. Hi Jim Mighty Warrior I have missed you, but not forgot. I truly enjoyed and savored on Gods words in your beautiful writing. I pray this finds 'all is well' Blessings and Love
    Your sister in Christ. Skye