Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Children Obey Your Parents

My Friends, I once again have chosen to place "Pen To Paper" Thanking God Always for the opportunity. For recently I have had the honor of being surrounded by such gifted South African parents who have clearly demonstrated to me, and others as well, of the vital importance of there roles. For I was blessed to be apart of three generations of parents(mothers), who have inspired me, to prepare this "Food For Thought"
being mindeful of the great role they play, for there children, as well as the grandchildren.

My Friends, I'm mindful of when Paul wrote, by inspiration, to the Ephesian church instructing them in the proper relationship of children and parents (Eph. 6:1-4). Our Heavenly Father commanded, “Honour
thy father and thy mother: that thy days may be
long upon the land which the LORD thy God
giveth thee” (Exo. 20:12). My Friends, The word honor literally means to be heavy; thus, a child should give weight to his parents. To honor father and mother is the responsibility of every child, and it is “right.”
Obedience to parents involves listening
attentively to what they say and doing as they direct
(as long as their commands do not contradict
God’s). When a child respects his parents, obeying
them will not be difficult. Knowing father and
mother love him, and that their God-given roles
as parents put them in places of importance and
authority over him, the child will joyfully submit to
his parent’s instructive and corrective training.

Blessings from God follow “the first
commandment with promise.” God assured
obedient children will see good, and will live long.
Our God keeps His promises (cf. Tit. 1:2).

The first part of the promise is: “That it
may be well with thee” (cf. Deu. 5:16). God reveals,
and experience shows, that families who reject
God’s plan for the home suffer sadness, confusion,
disarray, and separation from God and good.
In homes where God reigns, there happiness,
understanding, order, and fellowship with God
bless the family. Children play an essential part
in making the home what it ought to be, and in
securing God’s blessings upon the home.

The second part of the promise is: “Thou
mayest live long on the earth” (cf. Exo. 20:12).
The obedient child’s life will be lengthened. How
can this be? In a general sense, by his obeying his
parents’ instructions to avoid the life-shortening
(and soul-robbing) bad habits and activities that
steal one’s health, and endanger his physical well
being. Also, he will not neglect the healthy, safe,
and beneficial lifestyle which his parents urge him
to follow. In another sense, such a child will benefit
from God’s blessing through His providence.

My Friends, Do we believe God? If so, we will honor
father and mother, in keeping with His will.

For Its my prayer for You this Day, That You Will!


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  2. well, well, well, my, my , my oh Ms Kato how I Love Thee, and Your family, Let Me count the ways, May I?
    Thanks oh so much, and plz thank your family for such a lovely well appreicated welcome they and yes, U, have extended to me, during my visit, there, to YOUR country. For I will always Thank God, for U, and all of those, that i have had the priviliged to encounter, and interact with, during my visit.