Sunday, January 17, 2010

How Do You Spell "American"?

My friends, I Thank God Always for allowing me, and all of you, with the power to choose our own thoughts.(Free Moral Agent). So in essence, are we not, What we choose to Think? For how do you, my friends, spell "American"? What are the last four letters? "I CAN"! Which is a type of "Attitude," you and I can choose to have, is it not? For whatever trials and tribulations that you are facing my friends, think, " I CAN", for then You Will!

•Like Paul,"I CAN" forget those things which are behind, and press onward (Philippians 3:13).
•Like David, " I CAN" lift up mine eyes unto the hills from whence comes my help (Psalm 121:1).
•Like Abraham,"I CAN" trust implicitly in my God (James 2:23).
•Like Enoch,"I CAN" walk daily in fellowship with my heavenly Father (Genesis 5:22).
•Like Jehoshaphat,"I CAN" prepare my heart to seek God (2 Chronicles 19:2–3).
•Like Moses,"I CAN" choose rather to suffer, than to enjoy the pleasures of sin for a season (Hebrews 11:24–25).
•Like Daniel,"I CAN" commune with God at all times (Daniel 6:10).
•Like Job,"I CAN" be patient under all circumstances (Job 13:15–16; James 5:11).
•Like Caleb and Joshua,"I CAN" refuse to be discouraged because of superior numbers (Numbers 13:30; 14:6–9).
•Like Gideon,"I CAN" advance even though my friends be few (Judges 7:7).
•Like Aaron and Hur, "I CAN" uphold the hands of the leaders of the church with prayer and support (Exodus 17:12).
•Like Andrew,"I CAN" strive to lead my brother to Christ (John 1:40–42).
•Like Stephen,"I CAN" manifest a forgiving spirit toward all who seek my hurt (Acts 7:60).

My Friends, We Are, What We Think! And You have been blessed by God, with the Power to choose your own thoughts. Its my prayer for you, this day, that you will be mindeful of these things, and events, and thoughts, and never Forget Phil: 4:13! Then guess what my friends? "YOU WILL"!


  1. Message Rec'd from Kato

    "Thank you so much for everything you meant for me! You did me soooooo good.

    I thank God for you. It was not purely coincidental – our encounter in BW. He made it happened. I know why he wanted it to happen to me, I hope you are also able to know why he made it happen to you.

    You have raised me from the living dead. I can now once again live like a woman and not like a working-robot. Once again I can feel, laugh, cry.... my emotions are no longer tangled in a cold knot caused by the fear of emotional pain.

    Truly Jim, I’m so grateful –

  2. Hi JIm, Beautiful. I just keep reading your precious, Holy Spirt breathed, writings. I know it was no mistake I was led to your pages tonight. Christ is awesome I could not sleep Thank you Mighty Warrior because the words you write have given me comfort, 'I AM' can. I can with 'I AM' Awesome, I am Blessed.

    Luv u Jim, In 'His' name. I have a couple of new hubs. Come over my way for a visit.

    Know Jesus, Know Peace (-:
    No Jesus, No Peace )-: