Friday, December 11, 2009


My Friends, I Would Like to Welcome you, as My Honor Guest to What I have Called The Place Of "Food For Thought"

For Its my Hope and Prayer, that you will take a minute out, to review some of the topics that I have chosen to Write On! For In them my friends I Pray you will gain much knowledge, and wisdom. I Pray also you may find it necessary to perhaps share them with others. For I've been told that much knowledge and wisdom is gained, when they are read in the order that I published them.

I Feel truly blessed, and honored am very grateful to you, for your visit. Please be sure to ask any question, or make any comments that your thinking as a result of these "Food For Thoughts".

I Assure you, much prayer, and time, has been placed on my writings, prior to me sharing them with you. For In them you will just get the Truth, the Whole Truth, and Nothing But the Truth from The Word of God.

For I will be "Writing" additional "Food For Thoughts" Weekly for This Site, (Lord Willing)! Feel Free to Come back and visit at every opportunity.

It's My Prayer and Hope you will truly Gain From These Efforts, and too, share them with Loved Ones, and thus invest and show support in the future of this Lord's Work, here on our site.

And Finally, my friends, If there is a subject matter, or topic that is of concern to you, that you would like to know more about from God's Word, I would like to encourage you, to make me aware of it, in so that I may prepare a lesson (Food For Thought) on it, for you! Feel Free and spend a moment if u will, reading the comments listed below from others such as yourself.

Glad Your Here!

Thank You Much!



  1. Hi jim its me princess-sisi my real name is Hilda Im so proud of and the lord is to! Im so happy I'm crying an i will always come to visit my god continue to bless you! Happy New Years!

  2. For I Thanked God this morining for you Hilda, and your kind words, and thoughts. For U truly you pricked me heart this day.


  3. MessageRec'd This Day From a Young Women:

    Thanks Jim! By sharing your personal experiences, in particularly the knowledge and wisdom you have obtained, from the Lord for you have enable others like me to seek our Lord, and His Ways. God Bless You!

  4. Message Rec'd by a Young Lady this day.

    Jim, thank you so very much for your food for thoughts, i'm going thru a divorce right now, and your writings are really a big help! please keep writings to us. I need them.

  5. Message Rec'd this day:

    Hey Jim,
    U know I find myself thinking about you, and what you are doing here for us out here..and i kept my promise to pray for you,i do pray and hope that you will never stop doing these food for thoughts of yours, they are an encouragment to all of us out here. there are such few people like you out there. Jim you really are special. keep writing please.

  6. Message recieved by Lukestar this day.

    Jim, thanks for all the food for thoughts, you are such an encouragment to me. for i feel you are a blessing to the multitude. May God satisfy you with long life. Stay blessed my faithful friend.

  7. Messagerec'd from "babylove101"

    Thanks so much Jim, for your words of wisdom, in your writings, i really need them right now in my life, your such a blessing to me. Have a wonderful weekend.

  8. Message rec'd from Sans-b:

    Jim, just last night i actually realized how important your mindset & right thinking is, to determine attitude... and how attitude relates to just how long one chooses to stay in a depressing situation..your mind controls everthing. I was thinking of you, when i had this "eye opener" Have a great weekend.

  9. Yet another message received from Mr Noahd: As a response to my "Food For Thoughts"

    "This is a man, who try 2 the best of his God given abilities, 2 motivate the world, Keep it up Jim"

  10. Message Received by Kato: (Young Lady)

    Keep up the good work Jim! Too many people need your guidance. Even those who ignore you will eventually reach the Point of Omega. Be there for them! Be the instrument you are born to be!

  11. Message rec'd from Cyrusthegreat from the vatican: 27 y/o male:

    Ur a PRO with Words....I must say..Well Spoken!!! Keep it Up!

  12. Tidings My friend, There are no mistakes in 'Gods' World. I am eternally grateful our paths have crossed. You words flow like fresh, living water. 'You will know them by their fruits' I feel as if I have known you many years. It is quite awesome. I will be here to pray and follow along with your 'journey for Christ'. My hearts desire is to to the Lords work where he puts me but Africa is very close to my heart. I know 'the plan' is unfolding. My heart pains me for the children in the Philippines that have been sold or traded into the wicked sex trade industry. Christ knows my heart, he knows what he is doing. I know I serve a rich God, God has spoke to my heart and says keep writing. He knows how much money is needed to rescue the baby's to safe refuge.

    Jim, you have been an inspiration and blessing to me. You are a rare gem. I will miss you on hub pages. I know you have touched many hearts and planted many seeds. I will be in touch bro, I am excited to see where our Lord takes you. I will continue to pray for your ministry. God is going to raise up his children in 2010. I believe Big Times. I hope you get a chance to read a story of mine now and then. I am honored to know you. You and your family hold a special place in my heart. Glory to God, Thank you for sharing your loving heart. Christ smiles on you. The Holy Spirit movement is on big times bro.I am sending a big hug. God Bless You,
    Jim. In 'His Name" Jesus Christ.
    In Joy, Love, and Peace + + + skye2day@hbupages

  13. Well Young Lady, U R too Kind! For u have truly touched my heart this day. Remember always, that the Lord loves you, and I do too! Would like to encourage you, to continue on with your "Food For Thoughts" as well, in so that others may learn from you as well. For just so u know, I had you in mind, when i wrote thee "Fragrance of a Women" for u r one of many fine women who have chosen to conduct yourself in such a Godly way.

  14. Hello Jim,

    It's me you hub friend, Teresa Laurente.

    You make us all explore our inner souls with this sharing. Thank you so much.

    For those who love the Lord could never fail acknowledge the promise in life offers. Everything is endless and connects right to the very center of our being. It is only up to us to open up and be receptive of the gifts for the purpose of the glory He extends for us.

    God bless you.

  15. Well Ms Teresa... Thank you so much for your visit, and kind words, for u too my dear friend have truly been blessed, and u r such an encouragment to me, and my efforts. Thanks for being Just U!

  16. Message Rec'd from Sc05 this day:

    "Hi Jim. Im sure all is well with you and yours. I must say that you are inspirational in your words my friend. Always a pleasure to read and appreciate your comments. Please do continue. Sometimes they also do bring comfort and calming of ones inner beast and reminding me of the correct direction i always want to go in. Thank you

  17. Message Rec'd from "Kato"

    Please keep doing the wonderful work you are doing Jim. People – the world – is not yet able to survive without dedicated leaders like you preaching Good and righteousness. I was able to accept your FFT’s and learned from it, because you do it in a manner acceptable for the intellectual.

  18. Hi Jim Just checkin in. I will be back later tonight to read my next, 'food for thought' You were on my heart today. I was thinking of the saints that have inspired so many in 'truth, wisdom and knowledge and you are one of them. I would want to mention you in my Holy Spirt 'breathed book' I have been working on for a long time. In His Name. Hugs friend.

  19. Greetings Jim, I lost my first comment. Where did it go? Why? :-) For reals.

    I just read your 'why' food for thought. The Holy Spirit placed you on my heart tonight.
    He knew where I needed to get my spiritual food. I have thought of you and have been trying to get over for a visit. I know you can relate to busy with the Lords work. We do have our work cut out for us. Glory to God. You are a Blessed writer Jim. I am honored to be your sis in Christ. I love your sense of humor. I love your truth and how you share with others. You are a gem. So mighty Warrior Praise the Lord. I am off to finish my 'hub'
    I have been at it for two weeks. Then I had a block and found prayer and meditation was the agenda I was to be on for the season. My teacher ( HS) had me looking at a few things. God is so amazing.I love working for the Lord. He is the most wonderful 'boss' any person could ever need or want. Thank you for your hard work. I am grateful. God has touched me through all you write. I could chat for days but must go. Keep putting those 'twinkles' in the hearts out there my friend. + + + Sending a Hug. Your music is a sweet ending to awesome truths of our Lord and Savior. skye

  20. Jim, thanks to the Lord who carried you once again through a valley of physical weakness, you are now almost ready to continue your work on this site you have built for Him. May I once again remind you of ALL your Godgiven talents, sir, and plea that you do not hide one of them - [Romans 12:1-8]. May God give me the wisdom and strength to encourage you, and to assist you whenever you need me, until the end of times. LU! Martie alias Kato.

  21. Thank You, Thank You Thank You All!
    For such encouragement. Much appreicated, and Yes, too, Much needed at this time! Pray for Me please! For Lord Willing I will once again resume His Work, thru my "Food For Thoughts" writings for All of You!

    Thank You So Much Ms Kato!

  22. My Updated "Food For Thoughts" can be found here:


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