Monday, December 21, 2009

The Older Women A Lingering Fragrance

My Friends, as I "Penn" This Food For Thought, I'm reminded by all those God Fearing Beauitful Women, who have truly been blessed to possess such fine personal attributes, and have chosen to live there lives in a faithful manner, always encouraging and leading others to Christ and His Ways. For This "Food For Thought" was written, with all of them in mind, and is dedicated to and for my real Help-meet(skye2dy), who has been such a great role model, for all women through out the world today!

A Lingering Fragrance
The life of an older godly
woman is compared to
a beautiful rose.

The mature Christian
woman’s roots are strong and
firm because she is grounded
in God’s Word.

The long graceful
stem, with its many thorns,
represents her life with many
trials and tribulations.

A fragile rosebud is pretty, but not until the petal
begins to unfold do we see the full beauty of the rose.
Likewise, the years unfold showing the true beauty of the
dedicated life of the Christian woman. All her love and
kindness is as the softness of each velvety white petal.

To the heart of the rose comes the bee to gather
nectar for its honey, the sweetest food known to man! From
the loving heart of the older Christian woman comes the
spiritual bread as she teaches and influences the younger
woman in all the ways God has commanded.

Only when the rose bloom reaches maturity do we
catch the full sweetness of the aroma as it emits from the
very heart of the flower. So in maturity, a Christian woman
keeps Christ in her heart and truly loves as Christ loved.

Deep in the heart of the rose is hidden the seed of
life itself. In the pure heart of the Christian woman we find
knowledge and wisdom of how to live the abundant life. She
is not afraid of loneliness, because she knows she is not alone
when God is her constant companion. God’s ever presence
gives her courage.

When the dew of the evening falls on the full blown
rose, it has reached the height of its beauty. The Christian
woman can so live her life that when she reaches the twilight
years she will find them to be the best and most beautiful.

She does not fear death, for she has faith that God will keep
His promise. She finds peace and comfort in the Scriptures,
“And lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world”
(Mat. 28:20).


  1. A Message Rec'd by a young women from L.A. this date:

    This is beautiful Jim, God has truly bleesed you with the ability of making people understand his message!! God bless you!

  2. A Message Rec'd this date, by a God-Fearing Christlike mature women in response to this "Food For Thought"

    This is a wonderful, beautiful written HUB! It made my day and lifted me up! Thank you so much for this Jim! Much love to you Matt6v33 and remember you are always in my thoughts and prayers!

  3. This is amazing and awesome. I think this is my favorite. You are a mighty warrior for Christ, Jim. May God continue to Bless your work 100 fold. I am linking this out, it is truly beautiful. These words can only come from a man after Christs own heart. Yes, we will know them by their fruits. You are a Blessing. Why did you not marry? Just curious? I will continue to pray for you and your works. Please pray for me.
    Christ is provision, I trust him. The $ situation looks bleak but I know God is faithful. He never forsakes or leaves us. What a beautiful promise we have in 'Him' that loved us first. Alleluia. Sometimes I feel like an Israelite. I get manna poured on my head and ask, "where is it'? I am grateful Christ has a sense of humor and much grace. Sending another hug. skye

  4. Msg Received by a 19 y/o young lady:

    amazing!! now i wanna aspire to be this sort of woman... A woman who knows God, knows exactly where she stands with him, to the point where it doesn't really matter what others may think of her or her way of living, because she knows what God wants from her, and won't entertain what others wish to take away from her...

    I'm writing this into my diary, i hope u don't mind, and i will read it every week so it gets stuck in my mind to remember the sort of woman i would like to be one day...

    thank u Jim!! u did it again!!

  5. Ms Skye2dy, "For the Record" Your work/Your efforts, have been shared my thousands of women around the world. For in my recent visits to the South African/Korean nations, I shared your writings, to the women, of those nations, and I encouraged them all, to strive to be like you, and Christ, for they would then reap the benefits as promised by You, and
    Him, in your written words. You my dear, are making a difference, in This Loss and Dying World.
    Thanks again,

  6. Matt6v33 tears of humlity and joy I am honored and Glorify our Savior and Lord that he has Blessd me with a help meet in these times he so needs his Chilren to rise up to the occasion. Christ knows his reasons and seasons for who he leads to our path. My heart leaps with joy and through the light in you I am encouraged. I am a willing vessel for the Father. You know I too will stand by you in your trials and tribulions and share in your joys. Many woman long in thier hearts for a man after Gods heart. You Jim are mighty for Christ. Why a woman has not swept you away is yet to be seen. God will in HIS time answer our prayers. I thank God for you.
    What a joy it is to know a man who aspires Godly wisdom and knowledge and is about the fathers business Love You Glory to God
    Skye2day +++

  7. hello brother Stopping in to read again. You are precious and awesome. May God shine His light in you on your journey. One day we will meet in eternity. I look forward to the day!!
    Praise God. I love ya bro. Keep ridiing the wings of the eagle. You are mighty for our Lord. Hugs Galore your sister in Christ skye

  8. Ms Skye
    Too Kind, my Dear "Help-Meet"! :)
    U Have been, and R, and always will be such an Encouragment to Me, and Coming From One, Such as You, it means alot to me, and my efforts, for Him! Thank You Much my dear!

  9. This Food For Thought was originally inspired by a God Fearing Christlike Women, Who truly inspired other women thru out the world. She's was my first and only true Love "Hun Bun"! This was first written with her in my mind heart and soul, Who I Honored, even today, No Matter where i am in the World. She's a True Christ Like Women, for all to admire, and strive to be in my humble view!

  10. Thank you for sharing this...... God bless. Sandra

  11. Thank you Sandra much appreciated your kindness and the time given u keep going as well!

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